Together is always better.

Working on something together has always been great for me. And to be honest: there are people who can do specific things just better than me.

So I started to look for support: with the sewing, with graphics, with accounting, ... And over the years we have grown into a great small team. With two permanently employed colleagues.


As the founder and creative mind behind MONDSCHEIN, I am in charge of the designs and responsible for the development of MONDSCHEIN since 2015.

I am fascinated by traditional craftsmanship and the fine quality of our fabrics. I love casual, minimalistic designs. And also fair, ecological work is very important to me. To unite all of these three passions is the aim of MONDSCHEIN. A little more each and every day.

Mondschein is the name of my great grandparents. A beautiful name that fits my enthusiasm perfectly: to preserve our roots, to appreciate “old” knowledge and yet to realize new ideas.

After many years working in marketing for large brand companies, I decided to found my own company. - Which means: Things don't always go smoothly, there are many challenges, but also many successes. And most importantly: I love what I do - every day.

Right now I am living in Vienna with my husband and my two sons.


Shortly after founding my company, Jasmin joined to enlarge MONDSCHEIN. What was first intended as a part-time job during her studies. soon turned out to be more: We realized that we don't want to be without each others anymore.

So Jasmin spreads her fairy dust now every day in all areas of communication, in marketing, in sales, etc. With her pen she breathes life into our creative ideas.

Plus: She acts as our model for all our products.


Lisa is also part of our team since 2019. She is our contact person for all topics related to production. She is eagerly involved with cutting, product development and the preparations for our sewing companies.

Lisa also takes care of the online shop, back office and shipping of your parcels.


After all, without really good photos, even the greatest products on the Internet would not exist. That's why we have the best photographer and cameraman in the world in our team! - Right from the start - my husband Clemens.


Part of the team from the beginning: Our graphic designer Peter. He’s living in Vorarlberg and in our heads at the same time. He understands our ideas almost without any words and then creates something even better.

Peter designed our logo before the company was even founded. He’s still part wherever it comes to visual questions and tasks: advertising material, homepage, boxes, etc.