Designs from our studio in Vienna

This is where our bags, backpacks and scarves come to life.

In the middle of Vienna

  • we work on ideas, 
  • we cut our bags, 
  • we do all our "behind the scenes" work
  • and we are happy to welcome you.

Here I have fulfilled my dream: a studio combined with a sales room. A place that offers enough space to greet customers and work on products.

We do have official opening hours. But actually we are in the studio each and every day. That’s why you are also very welcome to come visit us at other times even only after a short appointment.

opening hours

  • Tuesday and Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • For all other days: please give us a quick call to be on the safe side: +43 670 50 70 369

Erdbergstrasse 16, A-1030 Vienna