The right quality is the beginning of sustainable products.

In our studio in Vienna we make the designs, the prototypes and the sub-steps of our production (such as cutting, assembling rivets, packaging, ...) - We also sew some of our products here.

Sewing partners in and around Austria

For the rest of the sewing, we work together with partner companies - small sewing shops in Vienna, the Czech Republic and Bosnia.

All the people who do a work step for Mondschein products are very committed to their job. For all of us it is very important to do the most beautiful and high-quality work so that the products are as well of the highest quality.

Because for us, sustainable products mean: to be perfectly manufactured in order to be used for a very very long time. And every detail in production therefore is important.

Short ways are very important for us.

Fabrics made in Vienna, Styria and Carinthia.