Casual bags and traditional craftsmanship. - Is it a match?

The idea behind Mondschein

In the beginning I just wanted to make special items for everyday life.

With this idea I founded Mondschein: Bags, loden backpacks and triangular scarves. Designed with a very special passion: Enthusiasm for traditional, high-quality fabrics and minimalist design.

Our goal is to produce favorite pieces that will give you pleasure for a long time. Made of natural materials, high quality workmanship and well thought-out details. They should be suitable for as many occasions as possible: the shawl with a dirndl and leather jacket, the loden backpack with jeans and traditional costume and the clutch with a loden jacket and little black dress.

The range of products is growing.

Over time we have expanded our product range. - With products that suit us. These are sustainable products like our felt flowers or upcycling vases. 

They are all produced by small businesses. - With a lot of passion and great demands on ecology and fair work. That fits our philosophy and often inspires us to optimize things. 

Our philosophy

  • Appreciating, using and learning from tradition
  • Live ecology and continuously improve this path

Sustainable products - because it's a match.

I would love to tell you that I always wanted to design sustainable products, fairly manufactured and that I always had the ecological aspects on my mind. But that would be a lie. - Because it was a lot easier. 

I love to come up with ideas. I love beautiful things. I love doing things the way I want. And then I fell in love - at the fabric fair in Munich.

I fell in love with a very special fabric - a traditional loden, made in Austria from 100% merino wool. It was the very soft touch, the beautiful structure and the incredible robustness of the woolen material that impressed me so much. And it still does.

Loden - first love, then facts.

Our loden is produced in Austria. It is a natural product and extremely resistant. I think that’s great. But such arguments have little to do with love.

And I love the materials we work with. I have so much passionate for the fine touch and the beautiful colors.

The production fits perfectly with my ideas and wishes for an environmentally conscious life. That makes the decision for these exclusive and, yes, very expensive "ingredients" easier. But in the beginning there was just enthusiasm and a wonderful feeling.

Always on the run for old knowledge and newest developments.

When we think of new products and look for new materials, it is clear for us that we look for them nearby.

We learn about traditional manufacturing methods and materials that our grandparents already used. Not because we want to indulge in the past, but because there is really great knowledge.

It is important to us to act as ethically and ecologically as we can. It's a process and we are constantly improving things and learning a lot along the way.