The choice for the material is the basis for quality.

Implementing new ideas is nice. But only if we build on the knowledge of generations before us, they will be really good. We therefore combine things that have been improved and tested over many years with new ideas and techniques. We also choose our suppliers with the same conviction.

Loden - a traditional wool fabric from Austria

What's Loden?

Loden is a woven fabric made from 100% wool. The loose wool is spun into a yarn, woven and then processed inside a fulling machine with warm soapy water. It takes more than 40 steps to produce our loden and to make it so soft, smooth and robust.

This exclusive fabric is produced by a small family business in Styria. Made from 100% merino wool. This wool fabric is wonderfully light, super soft and at the same time so robust that it stays beautiful for a really long time.

Perl-Loden - a fabric with the typical "Schladminger pattern“

The most traditional way of making loden is in the wooden hammer mill, which is over 120 years old. The classic Schladminger loden is woven in black and white. - Two two hammers work on it in a wooden tub. This is the only way to create the unique Perl-Loden pattern. Pure merino wool is also used for our Perl-Loden. As a result, the loden is as robust as the original Schladminger loden, but much softer and lighter.

Finest Loden for our scarves made from 100% Merino wool.

For our large triangle scarves we use the thinnest Loden that can be produced nowadays. It is wonderfully light and soft and falls just very beautifully.

Further information and care tips for Loden can be found HERE.

Cotton fabrics for our shawls.

Our goal is just to use cotton from controlled organic cultivation. This is why we already buy a large part of our colorful cotton fabrics from a German company that only produces GOTS certified fabrics.

What's the meaning of biological cotton?

The sustainable production and processing of organic cotton is very important. The controlled organic cultivation does not allow genetically modified organisms. The cultivation takes place without the use of any chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides and in mixed culture and crop rotation. Pests are kept away with scent attractants and weeds are removed mechanically.

The soil must be cultivated without chemicals for at least three years in order to receive the label "certified organic cotton" and is also continuously monitored. People work under fair and safe conditions. Certification is carried out by independent institutes.

Dirndl fabrics with traditional patterns.

Dirndl patterns from traditional print models are not only beautiful, but also timeless. - For our dirndl fabrics, high-quality cotton fabric is printed with traditional, but never boring patterns from Austria.

We almost feel magically drawn to these beautiful fabrics. As a little reminiscence of our dirndl tradition, we use these fabrics again and again, also for our designer bags and backpacks, for example for the key chain or inner pockets.

Silk woven in Vienna.

Our silk scarves are made from the finest mulberry silk. The shawls are woven in Vienna by using the so-called jacquard technique. In this particularly complex weaving technique, the pattern is woven into the fabric. In this way you can see and wear our delicate pattern on both sides. On one side there’s the light background with a dark pattern, on the other side it’s the other way around.

The silk we are using is woven in a small weaving mill in Vienna. - Small, but with a very long tradition. The family business Otto Flemmich was already weaving fabrics for Empress Elisabeth in 1865. You can still find the technical weaving documents neatly stored in the old, hand-bound sample folders.

Also a lot has been woven here in Vienna for international customers. Even Vivienne Westwood produced some of her silk scarves in this little company. - On the most modern looms, but using the very traditional jacquard technique.

Robust cotton-canvas from Carinthia.

Our cotton canvas is sustainably produced in a factory in Carinthia, Austria. Since 1952, high quality fabrics have been produced there in a fair, pollutant-free and sustainable way. - Canvas is a fabric woven tightly and firmly from a strong yarn. This creates a very reliable and robust fabric - ideal for bags that carry a lot of weight. 

Details made from leather.

We produce the straps for our bags and backpacks, the sliders for our zippers and sometimes also outer pockets for our products from high-quality cowhide, coming from Germany and Italy. Cowhide is a waste product from the meat industry that is very robust and pliable.