One Scarf - Many possibilities to wear it.

A love-piece for all year long.

Let's embroider your initials on your new favourite piece to make it even more personal! Whether on a bag or a scarf, a monogram in the matching color gives each piece a very special finishing touch. 

The best accessory that you can wear with any look? - Clearly a beautiful scarf: Nothing can upgrade / change a look as easily as a scarf and is so practical at the same time.

That's why it was very special and important for me to design a scarf. I tried to combine all my different demands in one piece: high quality material, simple design and yet an eye-catcher, flexible to wear with any outfit and also to feel infinitely comfortable.

The perfect, cuddliest piece of fabric for adults for all year round!

Our love-pieces.

Our shawls made out of loden (100% Merino wool) can be personalized with an individual monogram. The high-quality fabric made from 100% merino wool is produced in Styria, Austria. Our triangular scarves fit perfectly with any modern look and as a warming shawl for a dirndl. Thanks to the size and the very fine quality of the scarf you can wear it as a poncho or shawl.

A fashion accessory should always adapt to one’s outfit and offer many styling possibilities. This is also why our silk scarf is as big as 140cm x 140cm. Made from finest mulberry silk, woven in Vienna by using the jacquard technique. Made in Austria.